Q. Does the brown Scapular need to be made out of wool?

A. Yes. The brown Scapular must be made out of one hundred percent wool. Sadly after Vatican II people have been told that the brown scapular can be made out of any material. This is just one example, out of thousands of changes that have taken place after Vatican II, the result of which is the invalidating of the Sacramental.

Q. What is the meaning of life, and what are the most important things I need to know and do?

A. Every person is born into spiritual bondage to the devil; this is called original sin, a consequence of the fall. We are born with spiritual chains (the term spiritual chains is used for descriptive purposes) that are held by the devil. Baptism frees us from this bondage, and removes these spiritual chains, thus restoring us to our pre-fallen state. If we commit a mortal sin after baptism, we once again become attached to the devil, by means of spiritual chains. These mortal sins can be forgiven by Christ, through confessing the mortal sins during the sacrament of confession, and receiving absolution. Thus removing the devils spiritual chains, and restoring us to a state of grace. It is vital that before death you are baptised, and if you have committed mortal sins, that these have been confessed during the sacrament of confession.  If an individual dies in a state of original sin or mortal sin, they cannot enter into heaven, and thus descend into hell, because they are in spiritual chains that are held by the devil. (The issues of baptism of desire, baptism of blood, limbo, invincible ignorance, perfect contrition and other possible exceptions to this rule, are covered in later questions. For a detailed explanation on what sins are mortal sins, see the question, what is a mortal sin?)